I have always had a profound love of music and cannot remember a time when melodies weren't fluttering through my head. I initially purchased a guitar due to the fact that I knew this person who was a real asshole and played the guitar. I figured if that asshole could play the guitar, so could I...;-)

I like to play all types of music. My forte is Bebop. My guitar experience has included private tutoring with Joe Marino, Tom Floyd and Vince Lewis. I cannot heap enough praise on the aforementioned. It is impossible to measure just how much their guidance influenced my playing. Their generosity in sharing their knowledge helped me reach a new level with every lesson. Of course, I had to pay for the lessons...;-)

I in turn, began tutoring when I felt my level of knowledge would be of some benefit to individuals who wanted to learn the guitar and the theory behind music. Oh yeah, I wanted to make money also. ;-) I initially played in rock bands with friends and eventually "graduated" to society club dates. Start spreading the news.....

Some Theory



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Fabulous Poodles
"They all called him crazy so he ran up to his room and hid.
In his room he is the king, the wild applause is deafening"


Hey, what color are your tones ???