Magical Mystery Tour
of London and Liverpool

As you will see, some pictures
were shot from the bus as property
owners requested a bit of privacy.

*Thank you Eddie and Les for fulfilling a dream of mine.

The working class
city of Liverpool

Art school where John,
Cynthia and Stuart studied

Where John and Cynthia
were married

Where the Quarrymen
first played

Pub where Epstein
discussed managing the boys

Penny Lane

Beneath the shelter
in the middle of a
roundabout (right)...
where the banker worked

The barber shaves another
customer...we see the
banker sitting, waiting for a trim

Bus stop where John
and Paul would meet...
next stop is where John's
mum was killed

Let me take you down,
cuz I'm going to...

The Cavern

Eddie our tour guide

John's house

Paul's house

George's house

Ringo's house

Epstein's house

EMI Abbey Road Studio

Door to Abbey Road Studio

Crosswalk (London)

...and back again (London)

No one really knows how
many holes it takes to fill
this place (London)

Gettin' a better look
at Paul's house

More muscle!!