I play a 1966-1967 Rogers Holiday Black Diamond Pearl drum kit. I studied with Harry Johnson and Drew Dedo, a disciple of Ronnie Benedict. My curriculum includes plenty of bookwork: Big 230 (Emile Schoal), Modern Snare Drum Techniques (Buddy Rich), Syncopation (Ted Reed), Stick Control (G. L. Stone), It's Your Move (Dom Famularo), NARD and Paul Cappozoli's Encyclopedia.

Rogers Drums
1966-'67 Rogers Holiday Black Diamond Pearl
Shell Sizes:
20" bass, 14" floor tom, 2 12" rack toms, 5x14 Luxor Snare
Set Includes: Original clutch hi-hat, bass pedal, 3 swan leg cymbal stands & double tom stand
Cymbals: 60's Zildjian 21" ride, 18" crash, 16" crash, 15" hi-hats

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